🎨 gallery DAZZLE 『ZINE Week』 参加のお知らせ 🎨

gallery DAZZLEさんで開催されるZINE Weekに参加します。自身初の小さい作品集の展示・販売を行います。他24名の作家さんが参加されます。ぜひお越しください!

【場所】gallery DAZZLE


I Will be joining a ZINE Week show at gallery DAZZLE in Aoyama, Tokyo on the below mentioned dates. Come check out my zine!  

Dates: July 21 – July 26, 2020
Venuegallery DAZZLE
Address: Yamanishi Bldg 1F, 2-12-20 Kitaaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo, JAPAN




I am thrilled to announce that I received the Excellence Award at the 37th The Choice Award!
The June issue of Illustration, which includes a general review of the competition, is on sale on April 17.


🎨 gallery DAZZLE 『ZINE Week』 延期のお知らせ 🎨


The exhibition has been postponed to the end of July due to the declaration of a state of emergency. The details will be announced here again as soon as they are determined.


🎨 Art Life Tokyo × 中目黒LOUNGE 共同展のお知らせ 🎨

中目黒のカフェ「中目黒LOUNGE」にて、Art Life Tokyoディレクションのグループ展に参加します。イラストレーターのさくらいはじめさん、丸山礼華さんとの共同展になります。

〒東京都目黒区上目黒3-6-18 TYビル1F


I Will be joining a group show at Nakameguro LOUNGE located in Nakameguro, Tokyo on the below mentioned dates.  

Dates: January 20 – February 2, 2020
Venue: Nakameguro LOUNGE
Address: TY Building 1F, 3-6-18, Kamimeguro, Meouro-ku, Tokyo



このたび、玄光社『イラストレーション』主催のザ・チョイス第213回 フクナガシマさんの審査で入選しました!入選作品は『イラストレーション』No.225 (1月18日発売)に掲載されています。

My artworks won a prize in “The Choice,” an illustrators competition in Japan. The works are published in the issue No.225 of “Illustration.”


🎨 GIFC Tokyo @ agnes b. galerie boutique グループ展のお知らせ 🎨


【場所】アニエス・ベー青山店 B1F ギャラリースペース


Will be exhibiting 5 pieces of illustration on A4 paper. All works sold for 4000 JPY!

Dates: August 10 – September 8, 2019
Venue: agnes b. galerie boutique in Aoyama, Tokyo
Curator: 0-0 LA Gallery
Instagram: @gifcworldwide


🎨 Art Revolution Taipei 2019 出展のお知らせ 🎨

台北で開催されるアートフェアArt Revolution Taipeiにて新作8点を出展させていただきます!


I will be joining A.R.T. 2019, an international art fair organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association. I will be present at the booth as an invited artist during the period.

April 25: VIP Preview 16:00 – 19:00, VIP Night 19:00 – 22:00
April 26 – 29: Public View 11:00 – 19:00
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3