Born in 1991. Ayaïro is a self-taught Japanese artist known for her vivid and nostalgic painting style. As she encountered many foreign cultures during her college years as a language major, she became more aware of the land and culture where she was born and raised, which led her to revisit her hometown, the Japanese satoyama, and begin creating her artwork. With the desire to “rediscover” her origins, she visits various original Japanese landscapes. At the same time, she always returns to her childhood to capture the themes from a child’s perspective, thereby reconfirming her starting point and pursuing unfiltered way of thinking, which we all tend to forget as we grow older.

Through the simplicity and universality of her chosen themes, she expresses childhood memories and sceneries that every one of us has likely experienced or seen somewhere in our lifetime. With a desire to keep the good old pure, she continues to depict a pop world that combines nostalgia and modernity.




2024  “!” Contemporary Tokyo, Tokyo & Beijing
2023  “Gifts from the Ancient Times II” YOD Editions, Osaka, Japan
2023  “The Sun Goes Down” Nara Tsutaya Books, Nara, Japan
2023  “Memories of Summer” Contemporary Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2023  “Gifts from the Ancient Times” Galerie Zberro, Paris, France
2022  “A Little Journey” Lighthouse Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2022  “Southern Breeze” Galerie Ovo, Taipei, Taiwan
2022  “Gifts from Heaven” The Waluso Gallery, London, UK
2021  “Child of Satoyama” Jike Studio, Tokyo, Japan


2024 “OIL 5th Annniversary” Online & Wada Garou
2024 “Visual Narratives” Touch Ceramics Gallery, Hong Kong
2023 “The Beauty of Artists’ Harmony” Mei Art, Soak Art, Automotive Arts, Contemporary Tokyo, Taipei, Taiwan
2023 “Dutch Auction ART NOW Vol.3” Ginza Tsutaya. Books, Tokyo, Japan

2023 “Christmas Art 100” Mitsukoshi Isetan Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
2023 “Art Session” Ginza Tsutaya Books, Tokyo, Japan
2023 “In-Outside the Frame 1st Year Anniversary” YOD Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2023 “Black Box” MDP Gallery Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
2022 “Interaction” Galerie Zberro, Paris, France
2022 “FRIEENDS.S.S.S – The Palette Masquerade” Shout Gallery, Hong kong
2022 “Shooting Stars” Eligere Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2022 “It’s gonna be awesome Part 1” YOD Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2022 “GINZA COLLECTOR’S CLUB” Ginza Tsutaya Books, Tokyo, Japan
2022 “Contemporary Life Lessons” Akrilyc & Gallery 46, London, UK
2022 “Group Show” Contemporary Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2021 “The Very Nice Group Show” Galerie Zberro, Paris, France
2021 “Live” Galleria Avenue / Riverside Club, Tokyo, Japan
2021 “Super Flat Solutions” Ye Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2021 “Sweet As Summer” Galerie Zberro, Paris, France


2024  Art Fair Philippines, Philippines, YOD Editions
2023  Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia / Contemporary Tokyo
2023  ART021, Shanghai, Contemporary Tokyo
2023  Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan / Contemporary Tokyo
2023  ART MARKET/OIL by Bijutsu Techo / Wada Garou
2023  Kobe Art Marche, Kobe, Japan / YOD Editions
2023  Focus Art Fair, New York, The US / Wada Garou
2023  ART SOLO 2023, Taipei, Taiwan / Contemporary Tokyo
2023  Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong / Contemporary Tokyo
2023  Hibiya OKUROJI Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan / Wada Garou
2023  LA Art Show, LA, The US / YOD Tokyo
2022  ART021, Shanghai, Contemporary Tokyo
2022  ART@FUKUOKA, Fukuoka, Japan / YOD Gallery
2022  KIAF Seoul, Seoul, South Korea / Contemporary Tokyo
2022  Kobe Art Marche, Kobe, Japan / YOD Editions
2022  Art Busan, Busan, South korea / Contemporary Tokyo
2021  Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan / Galerie Ovo


2020 The Choice of the Year Award Award of Excellence (hosted by the Japanese magazine “Illustration”)