Born in 1991. Ayairo draws a series of paintings using a child roaming around a nature-rich satoyama as a symbol. Taking the original landscape of her hometown in Tokyo as a model, she depicts places she has known from her childhood as an actual experience, while continuing to explore the ways in which nature and people live together. Choosing the simple theme of the satoyama, which is traditional Japanese rural landscape, she expresses the fragmentary memories of childhood discoveries and the various illusory expressions of nature as psychedelic imagery. It is a pop and nostalgic world that fuses nostalgia and novelty.


2020 The Choice of the Year Award – Award of Excellence

—Group Exhibition—

2020 Landscape With Water, gallery DAZZLE, Tokyo, Japan
2020 Art Life Tokyo X Nakameguro Lounge, Tokyo, Japan
2020 COLLECTIVE, Park Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2020 ZINE Week, gallery DAZZLE, Tokyo, Japan
2020 Art Life Tokyo X Nakameguro Lounge, Tokyo, Japan
2019 GIFC Tokyo, agnès b. galerie boutique Tokyo, Japan
2019 Tra Regola E Fantasia, Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Florence, Italy
2019 Little Treasures, Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy
2019 Lo Spirituale Nell’Arte, Merlino Bottega d’Arte, Florence, Italy
2018 Pleiades Gallery, New York, USA

—Art Fair—

2019 Art Shopping, Paris, France
2019 Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan

—Solo Show—

2017 Uzna Omom, Tokyo, Japan